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BridgehouseLaw Alliance embodies the cooperation of independent law firms around the globe. A common approach to international business support made available to clients world wide binds this alliance even closer.

Internationally educated, highly qualified and creatively thinking lawyers are BridgehouseLaw Alliance’s greatest asset, following the entrepreneurial spirit when providing services. Effective and efficient problem solving through a selective network of global connections is made available to our clients. Our mission is always defined for each case by the most effective path to find a solution, rather than how many hours can be billed. The global alliance allows us to assemble a client specific legal team that understands the local environment and culture to precisely execute the best business and legal representation.

Success is predicated by our philosophy: providing entrepreneurial, creative and innovative advice to find solutions, rather than offering typical large firm recitation of time consuming lectures on law. Legal advice in the arena of national and international business demands quality, flexibility, responsiveness and committed professionals who are trained to think “out of the box”.

For a successful client-attorney relationship, BridgehouseLaw Alliance believes in providing you with a single point of contact. Rather than being transferred from department to department, like it is done in most of today’s traditional firms, the BridgehouseLaw Alliance develops a one on one relationship that allows for a continued understanding of the clients needs and therefore provides higher quality service. Based upon those needs, we can put together the necessary team of professionals, including local counsel, advisors and arbitrators as well as provide translation services.

Not only do we tailor solutions and produce high quality legal work at internationally competitive rates for small to medium sized businesses, but also for legal colleagues who seek specialist advice. We can provide guidance in those cases from a secondary position as well as fighting for their clients on the frontlines.



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